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ALO GALLON For true pain relief, you need to go beneath the surface and dig out the root causes of the pain. Most pain relief creams are just barely effective, providing a level of relief that falls short of what you crave. ALO is different. Our moisturizing cream contains a drug-graded formula that is used and recommended by physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, and massage therapists. What differentiates ALO from other pain relief creams is that it gets deep into the lower layers of your skin, penetrating far below the surface in order to attack not just the symptoms of the pain but the problems that are bringing those symptoms about.

Imagine life with the peace and relief of painlessness. Those aches that have become a regular part of your day, they are things that you can get rid of, and ALO is the way to do so. Maybe you have already wasted your precious time and resources on lesser pain relief creams, and maybe you haven’t: either way, there is no reason to go for anything but the best. ALO is unique among pain relief creams, and if you are someone who wants real results now, then it is the only real option.

If you are working out the right way, pain is always going to find its way into your body. This is a good, natural thing. You can easily manage this pain with a proper pain relief cream, maximizing the health benefit of your workout and creating an opportunity for yourself to push through the pain and negotiate with your body for more motivation.

When it comes to acute and chronic pain, you want something strong, something FDA-regulated, and something that has been tested extensively. ALO meets all these criteria and more, using a combination of menthol, histamine dihydrochloride, and MSM to improve blood flow in the layers of the skin where pain originates. On top of that, ALO cleans out cellular toxins, ridding your body of particles that are seriously detracting from your overall health and wellbeing. This scientific formula is advanced for a reason: your pain calls for an advanced solution. There are no shortcuts when it comes to getting the relief you need.

Other pain relief massage creams are lackluster by just about any measure. First, they simply use the cooling effect of menthol to mask your pain. Second, the smell is almost universally a stringent one. Third, they are not doing anything to improve your overall health and wellbeing. ALO, on the other hand, is a fully-absorbent cream that is nearly scentless, and the combination of ingredients are doing much more than just masking your symptoms. There is no reasonable comparison to be made between common pain relief creams and ALO: what we have to offer here is of a different class.

This is a pain relief cream done the right way!

  • DEEP IMPACT – ALO goes beyond the surface and penetrates into the lower layers of your skin, where the pain is actually happening.
  • SAFE – The ALO formula is regulated by the FDA.
  • In DEMAND – Physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, and massage therapists all recommend ALO
  • NEARLY SCENTLESS – You don’t need to worry about stinking up the room with this pain relief cream.
  • VERSATILE – ALO can be used to treat acute and chronic pain, as a pre-post workout conditioner, as a massage cream and also as a therapeutic ultrasound coupling agent